jv16 PowerTools 1.1 Final

г. 17:00 ч.

Jouni Vuorio e финализирал версия 1.1 на безплатната си програмка jv16 PowerTools. Всъщност това е пакет от различни полезни програмки:
  • Registry Tool-Clean the Windows' Add/Remove software list-Uninstall software-Scan the registry for invalid registry entries automatically with the Registry Cleaner-Remove leftover registry entries-Control which program starts automatically with the computer-Fix many common registry based problems automatically with the Registry Fixer
  • File Tool-Find duplicate, zero length files, temp files and broken shortcuts easily-Extract information from executable files, from mp3 files and form images-Mass rename files with the unique file renamer tool-Change attributes of dozens of files with a singe click-Find and replace text from single or many text files-Combine files-Encrypt files with Twofish, Blowfish, Rijndeal, Skipjack or Square-Wipe files
  • LAN Tool-Run programs on remote computers-Send messages-Control remote computers (Shut down, reboot, log off etc.)-Remote task manager
  • Temp File Tool
  • Backup Tool
Изтеглете си jv16 PowerTools (2.1Мб.)

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